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    Commercial High Speed Doors in Bridgewater

    Here at Bolton Gate Services, we’re delighted to offer clients the best high speed doors Bridgewater has to offer. Our experts are confident in being able to deliver high speed doors of the highest quality that have been built to last. Read on to learn more about the exceptional range of high speed doors we have available and find out what makes us such a highly sought after supplier.

    Safe High Speed Doors

    When investing in high speed doors, the most important thing to be aware of is safety. All high speed doors, Bridgewater clients, must meet the required health and safety regulations to ensure that they don’t pose potential harm to users. Rest assured, all the doors we deliver have been fully checked regarding adherence to such standards. 

    Signs You Need a New High Speed Door

    There are several indicators to keep an out for that will tell you that you need a new high speed door. One of the most obvious is if your door has sustained a significant amount of damage and is irreparable. Another reason that you might need to have new high speed doors fitted is that your current models have lost efficiency over time. 

    High Speed Doors Specialists

    We at Bolton Gate Services are proud to be considered by many as the best specialists for high speed doors Bridgewater has. Our staff have the knowledge required to provide sufficient advice on purchasing high speed doors. We can give you all the necessary information regarding door specs and ensure that the model you get is suitable for your property. 

    Benefits of High Speed Doors 

    High speed doors are usually only required for one purpose, and that is to allow people to traverse a building quickly. These doors are extremely efficient thanks to their ease of use and their rapid opening and closing mechanisms.

    Rapid Roll Doors 

    Rapid roll doors are a type of high speed door that has only continued to increase in popularity over the years. Rapid roll doors open much in the same way as high speed doors but are a more space-efficient option for clients that own smaller properties. If you’d like further information on rapid roll doors, be sure to reach out to our friendly team today! 

    Cost-Effective High Speed Doors 

    At Bolton Gate Services, we believe that high speed doors should be made available to all clients that require them. As such, we’ve made sure that the models we offer are all affordable while not compromising on quality. This competitive pricing means that we’re considered the best supplier of high speed doors Bridgewater has to offer. 

    Quality Services for High Speed Doors Bridgewater 

    When you first reach out to our team for high speed doors, Bridgewater clients can expect our team to consult with them closely. Once you have selected high speed doors that will be suitable for your site, we will arrange a convenient date upon which to visit your home and have them fitted. You can count on our staff to work with speed and efficiency during this installation process. Such comprehensive service makes us the number one supplier of high speed doors Bridgewater clients can get. 

    What Are High Speed Doors Used For?

    High speed doors can mostly be found in work environments where people need to get around a particular building quickly. As such, warehouses and stock depots are one such area in which they come in handy. However, public buildings, including hospitals and schools, also take advantage of the benefits offered by high speed doors. 

    Service, Maintenance and Repairs 

    The team at Bolton Gate Services realise that clients won’t always need us just for installation work, as they may be having issues with their existing high speed doors. Bridgewater clients need not worry, as we can also carry out excellent maintenance and repair work. Thanks to our 24/7 emergency call-out service, we can be at your site in as little as four hours to have your doors fixed. 

    Our Other Services

    We want to cater to the needs of all clients, which is why we offer more than just high speed doors. Bridgewater customers can also reach out to us for automatic entrance doors, electric barriers, and much more!

    Types of High Speed Doors

    There are many different types of high speed doors available, all of which offer unique benefits. To make sure that we have a suitable model for all clients, we’ve continued to expand our already impressive range.

    High-Performance Doors

    It is of the utmost importance to us that clients invest in high speed doors that have been built to last. As such, we make sure that all the high speed doors we deliver meet our high standards of quality and perform to an exceptional level.

     Industrial Door System

    Each type of high speed door is made up of a different industrial door system that ultimately fulfils a common goal. To learn more about the various systems available, reach out to our friendly door experts today.

    Gallery of  High Speed Doors Bridgewater

    While reading about our stunning high speed doors can be useful, it’s far better to take a look at our past efforts yourself! To make this possible, we’ve put together an online gallery for clients to browse through. The images here show off the best high speed doors we’ve delivered on recent projects.

    Why Choose Us for High Speed Doors?

    Over the years, we at Bolton Gate Services have built up an excellent reputation as a result of our consistent success. Our staff have completed many challenging projects related to high speed doors over the years, so they are confident in being able to meet the needs of all clients. It is because of this outstanding reputation and impressive history that we’re considered to be the best high speed doors Bridgewater has to offer. 

    Contact the High Speed Doors Bridgewater Specialists

    So, would you like to take advantage of the best high speed doors Bridgewater has to offer? Then you need to get in touch with the experts at Bolton Gate Services now! Our doors team is always available to provide potential clients with further information regarding our high speed doors. We’ll do our best to answer all your questions in full when you reach out to us. It is our aim to make sure that you end up with the most suitable high speed doors for your property. 

    If you have a particularly long query, the best way to get in touch with our doors team is to email us at [email protected] or to fill out our online contact form. These contact methods will allow our door experts to look over your queries thoroughly and provide you with all the required answers. Alternatively, call us today on 01919179386, and we’ll do our best to answer all of your questions in full. 

    Fast Service

    As a team of experienced engineers, we are equipped to handle all of your requests in a timely manner. From emergency repairs and scheduled installations to maintenance checks and inspections, we have the tools and equipment to work on your systems and ensure they are running efficiently.

    Competitive Prices

    Our fair and affordable prices set us apart from competitors, contributing to our standing as one of the UK’s leading maintenance and repair companies for industrial doors, shutters and gates. You are guaranteed value for money when you enlist any of our services.


    All of our highly skilled and certified engineers are trained in compliance with current Health and Safety legislation. You can have peace of mind knowing that we adhere to all governing measures, ensuring that your systems are safe across the board.

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