Eliza – Credit Control Manager

Eliza – Credit Control Manager

Eliza – Credit Control Manager

Self-belief and hard work are pathways to success, and we love nothing more than celebrating the achievements of our incredible team. We want to showcase the amazing individuals who proudly represent the Bolton Gate Services brand every single day. Below is one of our success stories:

What Do You Like About Working for Bolton Gate Services?

Understanding employers; management listens to you as an individual and makes you feel like you have a voice. All employees are lovely to work with and speak to. Unity of the company has come a long way, with all departments understanding what other departments do and how each aspect of the business affects others. All the work is enjoyable.

Tell Us a Bit About Your Journey with The Company So Far?

I started as a credit controller at Novoferm UK in June 2020. After six months, I was offered the opportunity to join Bolton Gate Services as a Credit Control Manager. After a few months, I expressed my interest in studying in CIMA, so I am able to progress to positions above when available, and this was agreed and paid for by the company.

Why Should Someone Join Bolton Gate Services?

Bolton Gate Services is an enjoyable place to work that makes you want to come in and pushes you to be your best. They also advertise job roles within the business before advertising to the public, which gives employees confidence and room to progress. Staff retention is high, and everyone I work with enjoys their job role, which helps staff mentality.