Bolton Gate Compaign - Preparing Businesses for Winter Chill

Bolton Gate Services to Help Businesses Prepare for the Winter Chill

Bolton Gate Services to Help Businesses Prepare for the Winter Chill

With the winter months approaching, Bolton Gate Services has begun its campaign to get businesses up and down the UK prepared for harsher weathers.

Commercial buildings, industrial sites, and warehouses can all be vulnerable to adverse weather conditions if their doors and shutters are not up to standard.

By launching their Winter Campaign, Bolton Gate Services can conduct thorough maintenance checks on a variety of systems in industrial and commercial settings. The company’s team of engineers are highly skilled and are well versed on health and safety legislation.

Businesses have a responsibility to make sure that their doors and shutters are up to code for both the safety of their staff and insurance purposes. In addition, if they are storing produce or particular items that require temperature management, it is essential that their doors are sealed tightly during the winter months.

Bolton Gate Services’ campaign contains an array of elements. They tailor maintenance packages to their specific clients, which will reduce the likelihood of doors and shutters requiring immediate and costly repairs.

Businesses will also be offered upgraded versions of their systems to enhance safety and security during those colder days. Engineers can be enlisted to install new high-speed doors that are wind resistant and durable.

Bolton Gate Services are also vowing to update manually operated industrial and commercial doors and shutters to electric. Evidence has shown that having high-performance doors that operate electronically saves money and increases productivity.


Seals are incredibly important components of doors and shutters as they ensure that the system is firm in place. Clip brush on seals are being supplied by Bolton Gate Services for roller shutter and door guide channels. As part of the Winter Campaign, the UK-based company will be able to help businesses keep out draughts and eradicate door vibrations.