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Upgrading Your Doors from Manual to Electric

Upgrading Your Doors from Manual to Electric 

At Bolton Gate Services, they want to ensure your doors, gates, and shutters work as efficiently as possible to optimise your business. This is why they proudly offer an upgrade service, where you can upgrade your manual doors to electric ones. Their services are designed to make their customers’ lives easier, and this upgrade service is an excellent example of that.

Many commercial buildings, industrial sites, warehouses and more operate using manual entrances, and you might not consider an upgrade to electrical entrances as necessary. However, it is highly recommended as a manual to electrical upgrade will provide you with faster, more energy-efficient, and safer entrances. This is what Bolton Gate Services are offering their clients – a way to optimise business operations and save money in the long term.

By having Bolton Gate Services upgrade your manual doors to electric ones, you will be able to keep your energy bills down as automatic entrances can help reduce heat loss by opening and closing quickly. Plus, many electric doors come with built-in safety features preventing them from closing if an obstruction is detected.

Another reason to have Bolton Gate Services upgrade your manual doors to electric ones is to help those who are less able to enter your premises. Many with accessibility needs struggle with a manual entrance, and you could lose customers because of this. Upgrading to an electric option means they can enter without any hassle and will be more likely to frequent your business.

The upgrade service offered by Bolton Gate Services is simple. They will take a closer look at your entrances and advise you on whether an upgrade is possible. If your entrance can’t be adapted, they will offer a competitively priced replacement for you, but generally, their team can work with whatever entrance you have.


The Bolton Gate Services team will always provide you with a no-obligation quote that lists all costs upfront.

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